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for every candle purchase from this collection 50% of the profit goes directly to Combs Curtain Call, an Arizona high school theatre troupe. They will be using this fundraiser to help send students to events & continue to nurture passion for the arts 🎭 as a Curtain Call Alumni I’m extremely excited to help provide a fundraiser supporting our youth & their love for theatre! 

This is a PRESALE product please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be processed& shipped to you the fundraisers end date is Oct 20th👻  we are a one woman production team so please be patient with us💓

A high school theatre troupe located in Arizona, Combs Curtain Call serves as a welcoming place for all students to explore their limits, find creative outlets, and produce high quality art in a respectful, caring, and hard-working environment. We seek to be an award-winning department that focuses on developing school spirit and providing opportunities for personal and theatrical growth through training, service opportunities, and fostering relationships within our community.

Through this fundraiser Combs Curtain Call plans on using all proceeds provided to them to help further their students’ theatre education with travel scholarships to thespian events such as Central Arizona Festival of Thespians, Arizona State Thespian Festival, International Thespian Festivals or even a trip to New York

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